You probably already know why you want to attend Simpleview Summit 2022 — new ideas, connecting with peers, learning about the latest trends, to name a few — but does your manager still need convincing? To help, we've listed a few beneficial takeaways from Summit that will help you and your team have a successful 2022.

1. Comprehensive, Role-Based Learning

The best events have something for everyone, so we’ve planned more than 50 learning sessions built around your varying roles and focus within the industry, including CRM and CMS tips and tricks, case studies, digital marketing trends, meeting and event sales best practices, community engagement discussions, and more.

For those who work extensively with Simpleview CRM or CMS, you'll have the opportunity to join focused training sessions and certification prep classes designed to increase your skills in ways that can be both measured and demonstrated.

2. Real ROI

From our very first Simpleview Summit, we've focused on delivering education and information that you can put to use the day you return to work. Not only will you be able to enjoy incredible guest speakers and walk away with a better understanding of the big picture, but our main focus is to give you practical information you can apply to the real challenges your organization tackles every day.

3. Experience-Based Peer Learning

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet colleagues from across the industry, but you will also be able to participate in structured learning sessions conducted by your peers.

4. Time with Your Simpleview Team

Break away from the Zoom calls and emails and mingle face to face to talk, plan, and connect. If you'd like individual face-time to sit down with your friends from Simpleview, schedule an appointment with our team. It’s as simple as that!

5. Industry Intelligence

Our ingredients for success: innovation, experience, and our Advisory Board comprised of some of the most effective, forward-thinking leaders in the industry. These keep us at the forefront of travel and tourism trends, emerging needs, and the forces that help shape not just where the industry is today, but also where the industry is headed.

We use industry intelligence to help craft everything from our CEO’s keynote address to the final learning session on the last day of the conference. Come to Simpleview Summit so we can share this expertise with you and your team.