Maybe you already know you should attend Simpleview Summit 2019. The trick is convincing your boss. To help you, we've broken down the value proposition into five points.

1. Comprehensive, Role-Based Learning

Like any good host, we know although this is our shindig, it's really all about you, and the best events have something for everyone. In 2019, that means more than 50 learning sessions organized in tracks built around your job roles: meeting sales, working with partners, marketing, web management and more.

If you work extensively with Simpleview CRM or CMS, you'll also have the opportunity to join in focused training sessions and certification prep classes designed to systematically increase your skills in ways you can both measure and demonstrate.

2. Real ROI

We've all had the experience of leaving an event without much more than some interesting talking points: great for happy hours, but not so great for actually doing your job better, faster, smarter.

From our first Simpleview Summit 14 years ago, we've focused on delivering education and information that you can put to use the day you return to work (or even before if you have a team to reach out to!).

Yes, we have awesome guest speakers with high-level perspectives. Yes, we help you understand the big picture. But our #1 focus across all four days is give you information you can apply to the real challenges you tackle every day.

3. Experience-Based Peer Learning

We're not just talking about getting to know colleagues among nearly a thousand guests from across the country and around the world. We also mean formal, structured learning from peers.

We work hard to continually build our expertise, but you're the ones working destination marketing every day. Most 2019 sessions will have DMO pros front and center sharing their real-world challenges and solutions.

4. Time with Your Simpleview Team

We're all accustomed to working by email, phone and video conferencing these days. But there's still incredible value in being able to sit down in a room together, talk, plan and connect face to face.

Some of the best time at Summit isn't spent in a workshop or session – it's sitting down with your Simpleview team.

Nearly all our staff attend Simpleview Summit, and we conduct team meetings with customers throughout the event. If you'd like individual face-time with your peeps, just schedule an appointment – simple as that!

5. Industry Intelligence

We work with more destinations than any other company on Earth. We've built our reputation on innovation. And we spend a full day each spring and fall with our Advisory Board, made up of some of the most effective, forward-thinking leaders in the industry.

Put all that together and it's a formula for being at the forefront of industry trends, emerging needs and the forces that shape not just where you are today but also what's on your horizon.

That insider intelligence informs all of Simpleview Summit, from Ryan's keynote address to the final learning session on the very last day. (It's totally not a part of seeing New Kids on the Block or Salt-N-Pepa during closing celebrations, but your boss doesn't need to know that.)

Bonus Proof Point: Value

If you still need one, last pitch to close the deal with your boss, consider that Simpleview Summit is actually an excellent value relative to other leading industry events.

The early bird registration rate of $1,350 (through March 1) gives you:

  • Access to all keynote addresses, special guest speakers and your choices from among 50+ learning sessions
  • Access to all exhibitors and vendors, networking sessions and activities
  • Breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Access to Monday night's Opening Session and Opening Reception
  • Access to Wednesday night's Closing Party
  • Meetings with your Account Services team and Analysts (based on availability)

Hope all that helps, and hope to see you there!

PS: Did we mention the testimonials? And there are more where they came from, too!