Okay, you’ve decided it’s time to prove to your organization and the DMO world that you know your CRM inside and out. Now you just have to convince the higher-ups to invest in your Simpleview Certification.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here at Simpleview, we know you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we created our CRM, especially for DMO teams, to help increase your efficiency and streamline your workflow, which can translate to increased business in your area. We also know, as you do better than anyone, that in this industry, you have to prove your value. For this reason, we’ve created a list of 5 compelling reasons to help you convince your supervisor that certification is an opportunity he or she can’t afford to pass up.

#1 Certification demonstrates commitment to the CRM.

Your supervisor or board made the investment in the simpleview CRM because it has the potential to boost internal workflow, which can translate to more business for your destination. But the CRM can only help your organization if you are maximizing its potential. The most powerful way to accomplish this is to test your knowledge against our experts and earn a certification.

#2 Certification demonstrates commitment to your organization and team.

Finding the right technology to free up your team and boost customer relations is crucial in our industry. Although often times, upper management isn’t as dedicated to the CRM efforts as they should be. Instead of boosting your customer interactions, your team is spending time searching for data.

This is a top reason CRMs fail to benefit clients –a lack of buy-in from leadership and management.1 Certification can prove to your leadership and team that you are invested. Not only are you invested in your organization, but you are invested in improving your processes. In addition to that, you are committed to understanding how the industry handles these processes.

#3 Certification ensures you are implementing excellent strategies.

Knowing how to recall historic data and present it clearly is strategic. In order to look into the future and develop growth and improvement strategies, you have to see where you’ve been. This means you need to collect the right information for your organization. With certification, you will receive industry best practices and explanations to help collect that vital historical data. On top of that, each course provides detailed lessons on reporting. This can empower your DMO to analyze current performance, reveal performance gaps, and predict future earnings based on past and present data.

#4 Certification guarantees increased efficiency across departments.

Simpleview’s CRM is designed to meet the specific needs of the meetings and hospitality industry. It manages vast information across numerous departments in your organization. Clearly, data stored in one area impacts other areas. It’s vital to understand these touchpoints and their connection. For maximum efficiency, it’s essential to better understand what your coworkers are doing and how their workflow interacts and impacts data across the system. The more time you save, the more money you can make, the more you can impact the business and sales in your area. Make sure you save time and resources by implementing best practices.

Efficiency is the end goal. “Allocate not just the team members you want to dedicate to your CRM processes, but also their time,” advises Sam Haider in the article “Reasons Why CRM Fails,” when addressing how to stop this failure.1

Certification will assure your leadership that your team has a rich understanding of the advantages and scope of this technology. It just doesn’t make sense to invest in the tool and not know its potential.

#5 Certification improves productivity.

According to a Forrester Research survey, clients report that CRM software has increased their access to customer data by 74%.2 If you’re using your CRM to its maximum potential, this empowers your team to sell, not just perform administrative tasks. Also, making sure your team has immediate access to important data ensures they can provide solutions and close the sale. Losing the sale means you’ve lost time, energy, and returning business. Whereas closed sales translate to future business. With your certification, you can confidently facilitate more sales for your area.

If you or your supervisor need more incentive, get a preview of what you can learn in our newest certification course for Meeting Sales. Watch our 8/14/2018 webinar to learn how to become a Meeting Sales Mentor by proving your ability to understand the Lead process along with creating Accounts and Contacts.

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