Video has come a long way since Laserdisc, VHS, and even DVD and HD. New formats like UHD (Ultra High Definition) and Virtual Reality are now becoming more commonplace. Even modern cell phones are able to shoot video in 4k.

Beyond 4k, resolutions such as 2.7k, 5k, and 8k are also available. These formats offer the highest resolution possible, but the drawback is that no monitor or TV can display them at their native resolution.  

Let’s look at some of these resolutions for scale:

4k and 8k video scale

You’ll notice that 4k is 4 times bigger than HD1080p, 8k is 4 times larger than 4k, 16 times larger than HD1080p! With files this big and no means to display them presents many challenges:

  • Storage – Thinking about backing up a number of 4k or 8k video to a flash drive? You’re out of luck as these files are HUGE.
  • Workflow – Converting 8k to 4k is very time consuming. Even with a top of the line Mac, you’d be looking at days, not hours, to complete the task.
  • Archiving – Once you’ve rendered 8k down to 4k or HD where will you store it?

Barberstock has the solution for all of the above! Since there are no devices that will currently display 8k footage at the native resolution we will:

  • Store your 8k footage onsite and offsite.
  • Render 4k, HD1080P, HD720P versions of your 5k, or 8k video and upload them to your digital asset library so they are easily accessible and usable.
  • Backup your 8k files into an archive that can be made available when display options are introduced that can utilize the extra resolution.

In summary, as technology advances so do the size and storage/system requirements to handle 4k and 8k video. Barberstock has you covered – let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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