Samantha Keithly

As Simpleview's Digital Media Analyst, Samantha Keithly is responsible for the strategy and execution of our client's media budgets. Coordinating with over forty destinations around the country, Sam helps her clients maximize return for their investment. She also specializes in paid search, display advertising, and social media buys.

For more information about strategy and development for your Web projects, e-mail us at or call our offices at (520) 575-1151.


Getting Google Ads Grants? Here Are 4 Ways to Use Them

As you may remember, back in April we talked a bit about the ad credits Google would be issuing to small- and medium-sized businesses. Just last week, some of these credits started hitting Google Ads accounts in New Zealand so we’re hopeful that credits will start rolling out soon in North America…

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Google Marketing Live 2018

A couple of weeks ago, Jason Swick, Vice President of Digital Marketing, and I had the opportunity to attend Google Marketing Live. Over 2,000 digital marketers from around the world attended this three-day event held at the San Jose Convention Center. We heard about new products, upcoming betas…

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Changes are Coming to AdWords

Not too long ago Google held their Performance Summit and made some huge announcements about the future of AdWords. They're making updates to device bidding (mobile, tablet, and desktop bids are FINALLY being separated), implementing better tracking of in-store conversions, and rolling out new…

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