Sam Brace

Sam Brace joined Simpleview in 2012 as a Communication Manager. Today, Sam continuously provides clear and concise information about Simpleview products and services as the Director of Product Education, and is responsible for the overall training programs for all of Simpleview's products.

For more information about strategy and development for your tourism marketing projects, e-mail us at or call our offices at (520) 575-1151.

Keeping Your Organization’s Site Secure with HTTPS

Google has long been an advocate for an initiative known as "HTTPS Everywhere". This is a push by the company to have all websites adopt HTTPS – a protocol for secure communication over the Internet. [[endteaser]] By doing so, this shift should help to prevent potential security breaches…

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Top Three Ways to Optimize Your DMO Site’s Images

Long gone are the days where we are connecting to the Internet through a modem and a phone line. While the sound of dialing in makes me nostalgic, I'm happy that I can watch video and download images quicker than ever before. Yet, the power of fast connections comes with great responsibility when…

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How to Embed Instagram Content on Your DMO’s Blog

Earlier in July, Instagram released a feature to embed content from the popular photo-driven social network onto your website. This is an excellent way to not only share photos taken of your destination by visitors, but to also include videos. However, sharing this user-generated content on your…

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What to Consider Before Revising Your Site’s Content

In 2012, our company decided to invest in enhancing our team's overall expertise through several professional education programs. Regardless of title, each employee receives a set amount of funds each year to learn about latest trends and processes, all to provide consistently excellent…

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