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Lori McNeill

As Content Manager for Simpleview, Lori McNeill works with an incredibly talented marketing team to write, edit, and create relevant and compelling digital and print content. Lori earned her bachelor's degree in English Literature, with a minor in Journalism, at the University of Arizona.

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Where Marketing Automation Fits in the DMO’s DX Journey

Marketing automation platforms can help businesses, including destination marketing organizations, deliver memorable, personalized digital experiences for their customers. It all starts with your content—whether web pages, emails, or social media posts. Marketing automation helps you track your…

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PED | Personal Education Development

At Simpleview, we’re dedicated to the personal educational development (PED) of our staff. We make it a priority by offering every employee $2,500 annually, after 90 days of employment, to pursue their passions, attend conferences, continue education and explore new avenues that benefit them, our…

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Summit 2017 - Opening Session Recap

SimpleNew I heard the music as I approached the Tucson Ballroom with my laptop and Starbucks. It was loud and energizing ... but I'm pretty sure it was too early for strobe lights, even in the darkened room. (Just sayin, Party People.) To be fair, maybe I just hadn't had enough coffee yet. I…

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2017 Hermes Creative Awards

This year's Hermes Creative Awards honored two Simpleview clients. Congratulations to New Mexico Tourism Department on winning a Gold award, as well as Richmond Region Tourism on their Honorable Mention. AMCP is the industry's preeminent third-party evaluator of creative work. The organization has…

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Post-Summit Checklist

It’s two weeks post-Summit, and we know that when you’re back in the office you’re back to work at full speed. That’s why we thought we’d make it a little bit easier on you to not lose track of the valuable insights and information you gathered at Summit 2017. Below is a checklist of items to help…

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