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As an SEO Analyst, Kristen Lodge optimizes, analyzes, and recommends ways for clients to increase search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. Before Simpleview, Kristen formerly worked as a Marketing Director, Columnist & Reporter, and Business Analyst for in Ski Towns across the country.

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Do Rankings Still Matter?

At least once a week one of my clients will ask me how their rankings look for their destinations' keywords. If they don't rank on page one for a given keyword, they wonder why and worry that their destination is missing out on an important opportunity for visibility. Ranking position has many…

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YouTube Video Optimization Tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Creating great content in your video description coupled with links to relevant pages on your website can help increase organic search traffic. Additionally, great content in the description will also help to generate good views of your…

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New Demographics Reports in Google Analytics

Marketing Insights with Age, Gender, Affinity Categories Google Analytics recently added new reports to the Standard Reports under Audience. The new Demographics reports show age and gender of visitors and the Interests report shows affinity categories and in-market segments. These new reports…

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Ironman Wisconsin

I chose Ironman Wisconsin in Madison for my 3rd Ironman because I'd never been there. It's also how I've chosen many of my destination races and what ultimately brought me to Tucson. After racing Ironman Arizona, and biking in November in 70 degree weather past Saguaro cactuses, I knew I wanted to…

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Q&A Time: Top 10 Frequently Asked SEO Questions - Part 2

6. "Are you just regurgitating Google Analytics in my monthly reports, or will you be providing insight, analysis and solutions?" We will be looking at different aspects of Google Analytics to analyze information and find out how users are engaging with your site, ultimately determining which…

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Not Provided - What it Means in Google Analytics

If you are wondering why you see keyword (not provided) in Google Analytics under the area of Organic search traffic, it is because Google has encrypted keyword data as a user privacy measure. When a visitor to your site is logged into their Google account you will not be able to see what keyword…

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Site Search - A Treasure Trove

Website visitors want to find information fast and easy. When users can't find the information they're looking for on a website, they often turn to the on-site search function. The Google Analytics Site Search feature allows us to view the keywords visitors typed into the on-site search box on your…

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