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Founded in 2007, JackRabbit Systems creates referral engines, meeting apps, and meta channel distribution that support the travel industry, world-class brands, and leading events across the globe. Our dedicated team is located throughout North America with offices in New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Minnesota, as well as an EMEA office in the UK.

Just Released: New iOS version of Zerista

Zerista is committed to innovation and we are excited to announce a new iOS version of the Zerista app. The new version will serve the more than 61% of Zerista users who use an iPhone to access the app. We've included performance enhancements like: Increased Speed: The app downloads and runs faster…

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The Apple Effect

Looking back at 2018, you'll recall that Apple announced controversial changes to its app guidelines designed to reduce the number of low-quality apps and spam in the App Store. After listening to feedback from event industry professionals and app developers, they revised their guidelines on…

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How Does Book › Direct Benefit Your Site's SEO?

ANSWER: BOOK › DIRECT'S SEO-FRIENDLY IMPLEMENTATION MAKES YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT RICH & CRAWLER ENHANCED Book › Direct does more than drive direct bookings, it rewards your visitors with a speedy results page, extensive lodging content, and the live rates and availability they're looking for. Combine…

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Want to Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From?

So you want to know where your customers are coming from and how your marketing dollars are performing, but you don't know how to do that. Guess what, it's simple, just add a campaign tag to all of your outbound links to your JackRabbit Book › Direct system and we'll do the rest! A campaign tag can…

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Spotlight: Flex Your Facebook Page

With consumers spending more and more time on mobile, how can the travel industry capitalize on this shift? Will Facebook become it's own online travel agency or booking platform? As travel trend forecasts focus on Facebook's growing travel intent, one thing is clear: If DMOs aren't paying enough…

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