Erin McNamara

Erin has more than 14 years of marketing experience, the last 8 of which focused on SEO and website usability. As an SEO analyst, she works with clients to continually refine and evolve their websites, building on strengths and correcting weaknesses to constantly improve traffic quality and volume, increase bookings, build databases and meet client goals.

For more information about strategy and development for your Web projects, e-mail us at or call our offices at (520) 575-1151.

Backlink Removal for SEO Benefits

Backlinks (incoming links to your website) are a primary part of most search engine algorithms - obviously you have some really good content if a lot of people want to link back to it! But Google and the other search engines care about quality links more than the quantity of links and if "toxic"…

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Q&A Time: Top 10 Frequently Asked SEO Questions - Part 1

I was curious about SEO-related questions our sales team and account managers get when they are meeting with prospects and customers. Below are five of the most frequently asked questions and short(ish) answers I put together. My next post will address the other five, rounding out the full "Top…

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The Financial Justification For SEO

Clicks. Rankings. Exposure. While these terms come up frequently in conversations about search engine optimization, there is also a case to focus on one more term - finance. After all, resulting traffic and awareness from SEO has to make sense... regarding dollars and cents. When it comes to…

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Search Market Share - May 2012

According to several industry reports, including from Search Engine Land, comScore is about to release the search market share data for May 2012. These numbers focus on the amount of overall searches done during the month with these particular search engines. This information helps provide insight…

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Interested in Attending an SEO-focused Conference?

Interested in attending an SEO-focused conference? Here are a few conferences our team members have attended (or plan to attend): SES Accelerator PubCon SearchFest Search Marketing Expo - SMX Search Marketing Expo - SMX Advanced MozCon Search Engine Strategies (SES) Because SEO is constantly…

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