david peacock
David Peacock

A well-regarded thought leader in the tourism industry, David joined forces with Simpleview in 2020 to lead the Future Tourism Group. David brings extensive experience in the industry, including almost a decade as the CEO of Regional Tourism Organization Four (RTO4), where he worked with key industry partners to develop programs, initiatives, and methodologies to drive the tourism industry forward. 

Destinations & digital assets: creating legacy value

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, destination organizations were midstream in dealing with digital disruption. Marketing for most destinations had shifted from predominantly paid media placement to earned media and intelligent social content. However, there was still a long way to go for destination…

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Stakeholder engagement: how to get where you need to go

Over the last three years on the Future of Tourism, we’ve talked a lot about destination development, stakeholder engagement, and the regenerative power of tourism when it's done well. But as my friend Petra Stušek, president at ECM and CEO of Ljubljana Tourism, likes to say — as of today, August…

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How can tourism help fix the world?

In Spring 2022, in Hamburg, Germany, the CityDNA International Conference & General Assembly convened its first in-person international conference and general assembly in two years. The theme was reunited destinations. It was a momentous event. Not only was it an opportunity for European Cities…

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