We previously highlighted in our blog series on user-generated content how Stackla can play an integral role in your DMO’s content marketing efforts. It’s important to know, however, not all user-generated content is the same.

Nearly every destination has places that tourists can easily find during their travels, but photos of those places are often hard to find. Finding precise user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for DMOs.

Now, what if you could point to an exact spot on a map and see every Instagram photo uploaded from it? What photos of your destination would you want to find first?

What if we told you that this was possible with Stackla’s geo-radius and geo-fencing search features? It is, and here’s how it works for Curate and Engage level clients.

Within the Stackla tool, users can place a geo-radius (customizable circle) or a geo-fence (hand-traced polygon) on a map and extract the photos that they want from it. If a user has uploaded a photo within the boundaries you selected, Stackla will find that photo. 

Refine with Hashtags and Keywords

Beyond drawing boundaries on a map and finding photos within them, Stackla allows users to combine geo-searches with other qualifiers such as hashtags and keywords. That means you can put a circle around your destination and search within the captions of Instagram photos for mentions of specific keywords. Want to see all the photos of tacos in your destination? Put a geo-radius around your destination and search “tacos” as a keyword.

Geo-radius and Geo-fencing provides a Stackla user with incredible flexibility when searching for user generated content. Just how are DMO’s using this flexibility? Here are a few of instances in which DMO staffs have found these Stackla features most useful:

  1. Find Photos of a Common Hashtag Exclusively in Your Destination
    Searching a world-wide hashtag is not an efficient way of finding content from your destination. With Stackla’s geo-features, users can search broad hashtags like #happynewyear or #tacotuesday and only see resulting content from within their destination.

  2. Find Photos with Specific Content, Specifically in your Destination
    DMO staffers often tell us that the hardest photos to find in a destination are food photos. Stackla users can create a single search that includes many food/dining keywords and only pull photos from the destination with one of those keywords in the caption. It’s as simple as putting a geo-radius around your destination on the map and searching “burgers, restaurant, pasta, cider, brewery” and any other dining keywords that describe the photos you want.

  3. When You Have an Attraction with a Common Name and Need Photos of It
    Destinations that have an attraction with a name that isn’t unique to the destination will find Stackla’s geo-features especially helpful. For example, there is an Independence Park in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Baton Rouge and Chicago, to name a few. Those DMOs could search #independencepark hashtag and then put a geo-fence around their spot on the map to make sure the photos of the park that come through are specific to their destination.

  4. When You Need Content from the Most Specific Area
    Sometimes a destination needs a specific photo from the tiniest spot on the map. Stackla’s geo-features allow a user to create pinpoint borders in which to find photos. Need a shot of a specific mural in your destination or the courtyard of a boutique hotel embedded in an urban area? Geo-features can zero-in on hyper-specific points on a map and extract the most focused of photos.

  5. When Your Destination Name is Not Unique.
    Did you know that in the United States, there are 31 Washington Counties? Almost every destination in America has at least one other place in the country with the same name. Stackla allows users to search their destination’s name and also keep the results related to their spot on the map. For a destination like Washington County, NY, this means they could use Stackla to find photos hashtagged #washingtoncounty that are specific to their New York location and not Washington County, Oregon.

Stackla’s geo-features are just a few of the myriad ways the tool can make content marketing easier for you and marketing better for your DMO. Interested in a demo of Stackla’s geo-features? Contact your Simpleview account manager to arrange a session with one of our social media specialists.