Stackla will be making some major upgrades and updates to its product in the next few weeks, including some simple changes based on user feedback. Think of it like getting the new 2019 version of the car you’ve been driving. New dashboard! New buttons! New features!

Some other changes include functionality updates to accommodate for the new API changes that both Instagram and Facebook will be rolling out in mid-December. Any time a platform makes changes to its API, all third-party tools like Stackla have to adapt. Luckily, Stackla is way ahead of the game (Instagram is even a client of theirs) and has developed some impressive API accommodations.

To avoid any surprises, we want you to know about the following changes that are coming in December. (Please note: These changes only affect Curate and Engage level clients. Publish clients will see no changes.)

  1. As stated above, Stackla will be getting an upgraded dashboard with some new features. These features will include improved navigation, more flexible tile deletion, an ROI calculator and, in Rights Management, the ability to host Terms & Conditions along with the ability to Request Assets. When the updated dashboard rolls out, we encourage our Stackla clients to click around and see what’s new.  Should you want any additional explanations or walkthroughs, your Stackla contact at here at Simpleview will be happy to set up a screen share with you.
  2. Stackla will also be adding the ability to pull in Top Posts from Instagram searches. If you have a hashtag that has more than 10 thousand photos on Instagram, you can tell Stackla to only pull the ones with the most engagement.  This way, you have easy access to all of those amazing photos at the top of an Instagram search. This new feature will open up Stackla to be an influencer research tool, something it was not before.
  3. Stackla has also reworked a few of its term constructions to accommodate for the API changes. The tool will soon use tagged locations instead of geo-fences and geo-radiuses to find photos specifically from your destination. Now, instead of having to trace out your county or city or state borders by hand with a geo-fence, you can simply add the location tag of your desired territory and search for hashtags within it. One of the API changes with Instagram involves the elimination of latitude/longitude data, meaning geo-fences and geo-radiuses will no longer be an option to any tool like Stackla. We consider Stackla’s new and unique location tag + hashtag search to be not just an adjustment, but an actual improvement.
  4. You may have heard that Instagram’s API will be limiting individual Facebook/Instagram Business accounts to 30 simultaneous hashtag searches. Not to fear,  Stackla and Simpleview have worked together to create a solution so that this limit will not affect your Instagram searches. Stackla, as it always has, allows for multiple Facebook/Instagram accounts to be connected to a single Stackla user. This means that you can connect all of your DMO’s Facebook and Instagram business accounts to your Stackla account, in order to have access to additional searches. If you have just one account, please let your Simpleview-Stackla manager know, and they will connect an alternate account on your behalf so that your searches are not impaired. If you experience any issues, we will gladly walk you through connecting your accounts - it only takes three minutes, we promise!

Don’t worry, we’re not sugarcoating major changes that will negatively impact our Stackla users. Plus, there are even more upgrades coming in December that we didn’t mention!  We truly believe that these changes within Stackla are for the best, and the tool is going to be even better than it was before!

To use a sports analogy - this is like when Kobe Bryant retired from the Lakers, so the team signed Lebron not long after. That’s how we think about these changes! Instagram and Facebook made some API changes and retired a few things, so Stackla stepped up and delivered something even better.

Have any questions? Want a personal walkthrough of the new features? Contact your Simpleview-Stackla Social Media Success Manager today. Shanda ( and John ( are ready to answer your questions and provide any support you may need.