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Powering more destination websites than any other technology, Simpleview CMS is content management designed by and for DMOs.

Simpleview CMS is the only website management system built for destination marketing, which means features uniquely designed to bring the best information and services to visitors and planners:

  • Works seamlessly with Simpleview CRM as one half of the industry's most powerful marketing and relationship management platform
  • Itinerary Builders that let visitors save your restaurants, attractions and events to private, personalized trip planners
  • Tight integrations with Google Maps, aRes Travel, JackRabbit BookDirect, TripAdvisor, Yelp and many more!
  • Advanced property search tools and RFP-building tools for meeting, wedding and event planners

Simpleview CMS offers more than 40 modules in all: calendar of events, special offers, media gallery and many others, plus thoughtful details that help you accomplish more with less hassle and stress:

  • Simple, familiar tool palettes and form interfaces
  • Extranet tools for collaborating with members and partners
  • Automated review and approval queues for site updates
  • Page cloning, WYSIWYG editing and sharable page previews
  • Publish/expire reminders that let you work ahead
  • Quick-view traffic analytics for every page of your site
  • Automatic back-ups and simple rollbacks to undo changes
  • Cloud-based, 24/7 access to all your tools, content and assets

Last but not least, just as with Simpleview CRM, we invest heavily in ongoing R&D to continually improve our CMS. And like with CRM, updates and upgrades are always free, so you never have to budget more to have the latest and greatest in site management tools.





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How Does Simpleview CMS Keep You Connected?

More than 40 modules for All DMO Audiences

Leisure travelers are just one of the audiences DMOs need to reach. With modules for everyone from meeting planners to media, Simpleview CMS gives you the tools to build relationships across all your audiences.

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