Social Media Marketing

social mediaSocial media has changed the nature of how people find information online. Its content now ranks in search results. YouTube has become the second most used search engine, trumped only by Google. Naturally, it's become an important focus of marketing across industries, but for none more so than travel and tourism. Success with social media also aids in your search engine marketing strategy, boosting your search engine rankings with help of link-building while also driving click-through traffic your way. Both high quality forms of traffic deliver relevant visitors to your site.

Whether creating a custom Facebook application, using Twitter as a marketing channel or simply showcasing your destination on YouTube, simpleview can help you set up your social media initiatives and develop systems for resource allocation, performance measurements and reporting for stakeholders.

Social media and social networking aren't going away any time soon. The major players and types of social sites may change over the course of time, but the game is something destinations need to consider incorporating in their online marketing strategy.