Rapidly changing technologies and greater competition make managing Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns increasingly difficult to complete without expert assistance. simpleview's cutting-edge bid management expertise and technology allows for clients to stay ahead of the game, earning maximum results from every dollar of your PPC spend. pay-per-click We monitor pay per click ads on a daily basis.  We also constantly edit ads and ad groups for relevancy, and optimize landing pages. Since we optimize for the best Click Through Rate, we get a better Quality Score with Google, which results in a better cost per click.

It's also advantageous to have a paid search campaign handled by the same team who handles your organic search campaign, so that we can maximize paid and organic exposure for your top keywords. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Digital Media Specialists constantly optimize both paid and organic search strategies so that they complement one another.

Google AdwordsAs Google is the most popular search engine today, their PPC advertising program, AdWords, is king. We don't just offer our services with Google though, as our experts are well-versed in online campaigns across different search engines, including Yahoo!, Bing and more.


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