Media Buying

simpleview can help DMOs maximize their media buying for banners and display media, not just in negotiating the best rates up front but through careful tracking and optimization throughout the lifecycle of a media flight.

Our process begins with listening - understanding your goals, who you want to reach and how your online media buy fits into your larger sales and marketing picture.

With that understanding, we establish metrics for measuring performance and begin initial research of potential publishers best suited to your destination and objectives.

Our media buy proposals include a calendar as well as detailed publisher information, audience demographics, cost estimates and screenshots so you know exactly how your ad will be seen and by whom.

With an approved proposal, we negotiate rates, implement or adjust analytics to track results and execute the campaign on your behalf, including creative services as needed, combining our expertise in what works with a faithful representation of your brand.

Once a campaign is in play, simpleview provides screenshots of your media in situ, detailed performance metrics, A/B tests of creative and ongoing recommendations for optimizing the campaign to maximize results.


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